DarkNote Engineering was founded in 2014 as an R&D service provider focused on high-speed design and thermal management  virtual prototyping activities as well as compliance measurements and design validation. Since then the engineering team at DarkNote was involved in the development of several high-end products for different companies ranging from tech start-ups to multi-nationals.  We are located in Timişoara, Romania but have several collaborators throughout Europe. With experience in the development of electronic modules mainly for automotive and industrial automation, we enable customers to improve system predictability and reliability while decreasing prototyping and development costs.


Our extensive expertise on signal and power integrity simulation of high speed interfaces ranging from DDR buses to gigabit SerDes makes us a great partner in the development of complex boards for applications such as 3D graphics systems.


Thermal management is one of the major challenges in today’s high performance systems. Our experience on CFD simulation, measurements and design of heat transfer components can be a  great asset in the development of high performance and power applications.


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This is the Lotus Riverside Block 7 In Shanghai. After collapse.
Electrical engineers  are used to think that we can always solve design flaws in the next design sample. With civil engineering there is only one try. One wrong design decision and you are out of business. Without proper expertise and in-depth analysis the unthinkable becomes probable. This is beginning to be the case also in todays highly dynamic EE industry, as  time-to-market is constantly decreasing and system complexity is exponentially increasing.
At DarkNote we support  the “Get it right the first time” philosophy by the usage of advanced virtual prototyping techniques, thus minimizing failure risk and improving system predictability.
Source: https://failures.wikispaces.com/Lotus+Riverside+Block+7+Collapse