PCB Design

The printed circuit board represents the integration of design rules from all supporting disciplines, making the PCB a highly complex application specific passive component. What makes even more challenging is that the design rules are often conflicting and in the rush to meet the release deadlines, decision are taken on the fly without in-depth analysis.

Besides our virtual prototyping services we offer PCB design support based on our (but not limited to) pre-layout results, with the aim of providing a smooth „all-in-one” design approach from design space exploration to post-layout verification.

If you already have a complete PCB layout, but would like to avoid re-spins due to high speed, EMC or thermal topics we can support with a complete set of services ranging from basic reviews and rule based checks to extensive post-layout simulations.

Here are some of the PCB Design related services we can provide:

  • Full board PCB design
  • High speed interface routing (DDR, SerDes, ….)
  • RF and analog PCB design
  • Power distribution analysis and optimization
  • Signal integrity and EMC rule based checks
  • EMC review
  • Thermal management verification (w/o simulation)
  • Stack-up definition/check for controlled impedance routing
  • IPC compliance check
  • Fabrication files preparation

Contact us and let’s steer your design on the right path !