Finding solutions to SI/PI or thermal management challenges is not a task for just a specialized engineer, but rather a team work. While a crucially important part is played by the layout designer, who has to implement all requirements on what is often an already highly-constrained PCB, the hardware engineer, the software developer and even the project manager, they all have to understand what they’re dealing with and contribute to the overall effort. For SI&PI we come to meet this demand with two general “high speed design” trainings: an introductory one to give an overall understanding of the common problems and a more in-depth one aimed for hardware and layout engineers. For those requiring an even more detailed knowledge of specific high speed interfaces such as DDR, LVDS, HDMI, SATA, etc., we can provide specific interface training. For thermal management we offer and introductory training covering power dissipation calculation, basic thermal modeling and measurements.

All our training are available in English and Romanian and can be organized at our training location in Timisoara, western side of Romania, or at the customer location. We provide printed training materials, practical  simulation examples and measurement examples with dedicated industry standard equipment.

Available trainings:

  • Introduction to High Speed Design (6h, 1 day)
  • High Speed Design (24h, 4 days)
  • Thermal Management Basics (12h, 2 days)