Due to the continuously increasing data rates of digital devices signal and power integrity topics are becoming important not only to high-end design but also to consumer products. With  our extensive experience in EM modeling, simulation and validation we offer the full design  support and troubleshooting  for any high speed topic.

As power dissipation levels are continuously increasing and extreme miniaturization  is  common requirement, maintaining a junction temperatures within range is a highly complex task. By detailed modeling we can provide accurate predictions  of  the  thermal behavior for the analyzed device and provide design  guidelines to achieve  required thermal performance.

The PCB layout represents the integration of all design rules of the pre-layout analysis. No matter how well simulations were carried out it is all useless without proper implementation of the design directives. We can support the layout design of complex multilayer boars, incorporating high speed channel routing and  PI restriction as well as performance focused reviews for EMC or SI.