Thermal Management

PCB and system level thermal simulation

Thermal management plays a critical role in the successful implementation of electronic modules, especially if in the case of power electronics or computing systems.

By using specialized CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation we can evaluate cooling concepts and verify the impact on system level before even having the assembled prototype.

Our in-depth analysis of heat transfer of electronic modules can help identify thermal management problems like semiconductor over-temperatures, PCB hot spots and define optimization solutions for improved cooling.

Transient Thermal Modeling

For power electronics the thermal response to transient events such as surges can be highly important in assuring proper operation and reliability. We can provide transient thermal models in the form or RC networks (SPICE netlist or other) based measured or simulated thermal impedance profiles.

Here are just a few of the topics we can cover:

  • cooling concept definition and evaluation in the early design phases
  • selection or design of mechanical parts like heatsinks , cases for cooling optimization
  • thermal analysis to ensure  proper operating  temperatures at component level
  • solar radiation impact evaluation
  • phase-change cooling  solutions (heat pipes, vapour chamber )
  • forced convection cooling, air flow modeling
IR Thermal Imaging & Thermocouple Measurements

The verification of component temperature is a critical part in the design validation of any electronic assembly.  For thermal characterization and verification we can provide:

  • component level IR thermal imaging analysis (macro lens with sub-mm resolution)
  • PCBA or system level IR thermal imaging ( w/o emissivity  normalization & correction )
  • IR transient thermal imaging (up to 60fps rate)
  • Thermocouple measurements

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